About Dear Foodie

In the age of fast food burgers, microwave dinners, frozen pizzas, and canned vegetables, many Americans have lost touch with what real food really is and have no idea what to do with it when they encounter it. In spite of this, we now have more “exotic” fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, and international fare on our grocery shelves than ever before. Add that to dieting and nutrition fads, the growing debate over organic vs. conventional, GMOs, eating local, and viral social media posts about cancer causing carcinogens in our cake mixes and it’s no wonder that American cooks are bewildered and confused.

Enter Dear Foodie. Dear Foodie was created to help the average consumer wade through the swirling miasma of information and make informed decisions about the foods they eat. From dining etiquette to expiration dates, vegetable gardening to government regulations, Dear Foodie is here to answer all your burning food questions.

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