Dear Foodie: There’s a Rumbly in My Tumbly…

Dear Foodie,

I enjoy a bit of honey with my toast in the morning. Lately, I’ve been hearing that I should be concerned about bees. Is my honey going away?

shutterstock-honey2Hey Honey,

I can’t speak to whether or not your “honey” will stick by you through thick and thin but I assume in this question you are talking about the amber colored kind of honey you stick onto toast. Dear Foodie can address that one with a little help from her friends. First of all, bees as with many other species are integral to the “eco” system. Just as claims are made about global warming, there are definite signs that bees are endangered due to dubious environmental practices that we humans have wrought upon earth.

Bees, according to experts, pollinate roughly a third of the world’s food crops. In other words, if bees go away, not only goes your “honey” but as they say you can kiss a lot of other things goodbye including one prominent part of your anatomy! So, what is it that keeps us awake at night about bees. Try “Colony Collapsing Disorder” on for size. Bees are dropping like flies just as more and more people are establishing their own backyard hives and getting “buzzed” about bees. Why are we encountering such a killer disease? The theories vary. Many say it is a combo of GMO (genetically modified organisms that have been injected into plants to make them pesticide resistant), and pesticides in general. Others say that we have gotten away from just regular bees in favor of farm raised bees whose immune systems are compromised by lack of genetic diversity. As with global warming naysayers, some scientists say this is just a natural boom and bust cycle. YIKES. Who do we believe!

Suffice it to say, that like with all other foods, we should pay attention, ask questions and be informed. As difficult as the truth is to discern in this age of conflicting information, we must do our best, honey. If we don’t address this problem, experts say, you won’t have to worry about honey on your toast. We will be toast!

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