Dear Foodie: Is Expensive Organic Food Really Necessary?

Dear Foodie,

I am a careful shopper who has to count her nickels and dimes. I have to say that I just refuse to pay for “organic” food. Am I poisoning my family by serving just plain old food? – Cheapskate in West Virginia

Dear Cheapskate,

Do not cut visits to the dentist and school supplies out of your budget in order to buy organic food. And most assuredly those cute jeans and tops from Penny’s are a necessity. Though none of us know for sure until we stand at the pearly gates of heaven whether or not we are being cut short in our nineties,  dying in our nineties instead of our fifties like at the turn of the century is owing to the local food movement, I think. I can reasonably say you can feed your family well on fresh produce that is not necessarily organic or even local. The local food movement has brought us wonderful awareness and insights about the most important activity in which we engage — eating. We are more interested in learning about food than ever before. The downside is that we have thrown in a hefty dose of confusion and guilt. In addition, whether extreme locavore farmers and others (some with the trust fund money that is a great enabler for achieving dreams) like it or not, most people will still seek out low cost and convenience. We have yet to solve our newest consumer dilemma – middle class jobs are going away and so are pensions. Get ready folks for a bunch of hungry old people and out of work millennials. My advice? While you still have the income to do so – buy local and fresh as much as possible … but hey, enjoy a banana or olive oil while you can.

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