Dear Foodie: “Healthy” Food Hype

Dear Foodie, Shopping in my favorite grocery store has gotten very confusing. One counter with the label, “locally grown” offers a grinning farmer backing his pickup truck of what appears to be sweet corn up to the loading dock. Another section is labeled “organic.” Everything else I assume to be “conventionally” grown, whatever that means. […]

Dear Foodie: Conflicting Reports

Dear Foodie, I’m confused. One day I’m told that in order to lose or maintain a good weight, I need to forego salt. The next day, I’m supposed to eat as much salt as I wish. The same goes for almost everything else. Red meat is ok one day and not the next. Then I’m […]

Dear Foodie: Epic Diet Fail

Dear Foodie, I have been on a diet since I was a teenager and nothing seems to work. Recently, I decided to go on a Subway diet, having been inspired by Jarod, the young man who lost tons of weight by eating Subway’s low calorie subs for which they have become famous and profitable. What […]