Dear Foodie: What’s So Scary About GMO’s?

Dear Foodie, I awakened in the middle of the night and imagined a knobby headed monster was starting at my toes and devouring me bite by bite. It was green, slimey and in twinkley lights GMO was emblazoned on what I think was its head. I keep hearing I should hate GMO’s and the evil […]

Dear Foodie: Absent Minded Baby Boomers

Dear Foodie, Just last week while looking for frozen broccoli, I checked in my pantry. Realizing my mistake, I went immediately to the freezer where I found my cell phone but no broccoli – it was in the dog’s food bowl. My concern is this. I fit into the “aging baby boomer” demographic and all […]

Dear Foodie: Conflicting Reports

Dear Foodie, I’m confused. One day I’m told that in order to lose or maintain a good weight, I need to forego salt. The next day, I’m supposed to eat as much salt as I wish. The same goes for almost everything else. Red meat is ok one day and not the next. Then I’m […]