Dear Foodie: Epic Diet Fail

Dear Foodie, I have been on a diet since I was a teenager and nothing seems to work. Recently, I decided to go on a Subway diet, having been inspired by Jarod, the young man who lost tons of weight by eating Subway’s low calorie subs for which they have become famous and profitable. What […]

Dear Foodie: Famer’s Market Phobia

Dear Foodie, I go to the Farmer’s Market regularly, but as of late I find I am overwhelmed by all the produce that I am encountering all at once. I have nightmares of smothering in bins of over ripe tomatoes, cantalopes and sweet corn. I am ready to finally give up and go to my […]

Dear Foodie: What is a Food Snob?

Dear Foodie, While visiting my favorite restaurant the other night, I politely asked where the hamburger meat came from. I received kind of snitty grin from my server with a reply that it came from “a cow.” With that came an inappropriate yuk yuk. I shot back immediately that it was entirely appropriate to know […]