Dear Foodie: Absent Minded Baby Boomers

Dear Foodie,

Just last week while looking for frozen broccoli, I checked in my pantry. Realizing my mistake, I went immediately to the freezer where I found my cell phone but no broccoli – it was in the dog’s food bowl. My concern is this. I fit into the “aging baby boomer” demographic and all I hear is how we are going to get dementia in record numbers and become a burden on society. Is there anything I can do to make sure I keep better track of my broccoli and my cell phone and avoid broccoli diarrhea (from the dog). – Aging Baby Boomer in Indiana

Dear Fellow Aging Baby Boomer,

Snarky moment please: It is hard to believe that conflicting studies are emerging about the impact of the aging population on our future. (even if you are conflicted with dementia, that should bring a “so tell me something new” to your lips). But, let’s observe all of this in a positive light. The studies deal with the impact not only on its victims but on society in general which must care for these individuals in the future to come as they wander about or sit strapped in wheelchairs in locked underground caverns that were once called nursing homes. Nursing homes, which can no longer house the huge numbers coming their way, will have been converted to spacious mansions for all the purveyors of anti-aging remedies that are touted as the be-all-end-all on the internet. Some studies sound alarm bells and yet others say that the picture isn’t as dire as those who want us to have some vision for the possibilities of the future would have us believe. The good news is that studies show that if you live a healthy lifestyle and are well educated, you can perhaps escape the scourge of dementia and its many forms. Others say that most of us are aware of our own mental decline long before tests can so detect. I’m not sure what this latter study means for a cure, but perhaps self awareness can lead to alterations in diet and health choices. What exactly brings us brain health is what “educational” attainment is all about. The internet is explosive these days with “eat for brain health” advice. Scientists are hard at work on pills to help prevent or stave off symptoms. Crossword puzzles are gaining popularity as a way to stay mentally active. At the end of the day, Dear Foodie always says to watch what you eat, be sure it is as fresh as possible, and only eat in moderate amounts. Beyond that, I just can’t remember what I wanted to say…

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