By Common Agreement

If necessary, and at the request of the treating physician, the transportation and accommodation of a carer (for example. B family member or nurse) in connection with positions 1 and 2. Higher Benefits A higher benefit that existed in the Medical Travelral Referit Benefit plan or the collective agreement of an existing organization prior to the 1998 joint contract remains in effect. Everyone agrees that the Labour Party`s plan for the economy has failed to convince voters, but not the reasons for this failure. The workshop is organized in group meetings to prepare common standards and plenary sessions in order to reach a common agreement. There is a consensus that this is an important issue and that we should work together to ensure that the rules provide protection. Acupuncturists agree that at least six treatment sessions are required to assess the effect of treatment and that a maximum of eight to ten sessions are required to achieve maximum effect [22]. The opposition movement for democratic change says it has the names of 140 people killed, although it is acknowledged that many were buried without a word. In talking with a number of Indian observers, including Rahul Dravid`s own Test Match Special, there is a consensus that England expelled them from the park.

The term, which today is almost a mantra in Russian politics, refers to a country where there is a common consensus that everyone must respect and follow the same rules. The proposed protocol can use the minimum number of message exchanges to reach a common agreement and can tolerate a maximum number of eligible defective components in order to encourage all correct processors to reach a common agreement within MANET. DECISION BY JOINT AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MEMBER STATES, MEETING AT HEAD OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT LEVEL, ON THE SITUATION OF SEATS OF THE VARIOUS BODIES AND DEPARTMENTS OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES AND EUROPOL (93/C 323/01) THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MEMBER STATES, in view of Article 216 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, Article 77 of the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community and Article 189 of the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community, in light of Regulation (EEC) 1890/93. Regulation (EC) No. 1210/90 Council, 7 May 1990, establishing the European Environment Agency and the European Environment Observatory (1) , including Article 21, taking into account Regulation (EEC) No. 1360/90 of the Council of 7 May 1990 establishing a European Foundation for Training (2), and in particular Article 19 of this decision, in view of the decision of 18 The Commission authorised the creation of the Office of Veterinary and Plant Health Inspection and Control, taking into account Regulation (EEC) 302/93 of the Council of 8 February 1993 establishing a European Monitoring Centre for (3), including Article 19 of the Directive (EEC), taking into account Regulation 302/93 of the Council of 8 February 1993 establishing a European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (3) , including Article 19 of the Directive (EEC) in view of Regulation (EC) 2309/93 of the Council of 22 July 1993 establishing a European Medicines Assessment Agency (4), including Article 74 of this Regulation (EEC), following the action programme adopted by the Commission on 20 November 1989 for the implementation of the Community Charter of Fundamental Social Rights of Workers, the European Council has provided for the creation of the Agency for Occupational Health and Safety; The Treaty on the European Union, signed on 7 February 1992 and which will come into force on 1 November 1993, provides for the creation of the European Monetary Institute and the European Central Bank. The institutions of the European Communities intend to create an Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (brands, designs and models). In line with the conclusions of the Maastricht European Council, the Member States intend to conclude a Europol (European Police Office) convention which will create Europol and also replace the ministerial convention of 2 June 1993, which established the Europol Drug Unit.

The place of residence of these different bodies and departments must be determined. Recalling the decisions taken on April 8

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