Dear Foodie: Can the Vegan Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

Dear Foodie,

In a recent publication I saw where after a “heart” scare, former president Bill Clinton went on a vegan diet, has lost 30 pounds, and actually looks really good. What is a vegan diet and what makes it so effective? – Clinton Wannabe in Ohio

Dear Clinton Wannabe,

Much has been written about Clinton’s new way forward with diet. As is his usual self, he expounds eagerly upon this vegan turn in the same way he regaled us by wolfing down fast food cheeseburgers after a run. The thing about Clinton is that he could charm a dog off a meat truck and convince us that a man actually landed on the moon! We must examine the facts. I am no diet expert and refuse to say that I know the way forward for you. A vegan diet is difficult to achieve but is likely effective for SOME people. Ask dietitians and I think they will agree. The script concerning the science of health and weight loss is just being written. A vegan diet is without any meat or dairy. With a vegetarian diet, you can eat dairy as I understand it. Then there all the other diets – with all kinds of success stories as well as failures. A vegan diet would be challenging unless you have at your bid and call chefs and restaurateurs falling all over themselves to please you… like Bill Clinton does. It would require combinations of foods in order to get the nutrients you need. We might love the Big Dog but we take his advice with a grain of salt. As Dear Foodie says – eat a variety of foods, eat “fresh,” know about the foods you eat, but most of all eat in moderation. If this nation doesn’t stop with the food obsession, we’re all going to be size of Donald Trump’s living room.

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