Dear Foodie: So Tired of Dieting

Dear Foodie,

I’m thinking about just letting myself go to whatever my natural weight might be. I have been on nearly every diet imaginable. I stay on a diet for a while and after growing weary of the deprivation, I just give up. I have seen the same 20 pounds come and go since I was a teen. And, the array and choice of diets is so dizzying that it just makes me crazy.


Dear Come and Go,

A recent Consumer Reports special edition did its comparison magic on several diets: The Paleo, Mediterranean, Sparkpeople, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Glycemic Index, Low-Carb, Medifast, Atkins Diet, Jenny Craig Slim-Fast and Nutrisystem. (Consumer Reports – Food) Whew! It started out with the answer to the phrase: Best for… and concluded each short analysis with who might be most drawn to a particular diet.

For instance, the Paleo Diet is “best for” Carnivores who couldn’t care less about dessert. (sounds dreadful) The article also includes stats on the percentage of folks who were able to claim success from the regimen each demands. It was reported that more people in the survey had tried weight watchers and that in-person meetings were more effective than the on-line version. Hmmm. Must be something to someone staring over your shoulder as you step onto the scale.

At the end of the day, diets are like all else in the burgeoning world of food science. The science is evolving. It is long noted that you and someone of your age and build can eat exactly the same things and one will gain weight and the other will not. Science is concluding that we are victims of a variety of factors including our genetics, heritage, gut microbes and a satiation level that doesn’t match exactly what size we would like our butts to be. Oh, I think Consumer Report missed one of the diets that is most popular: “Best for”… those who like their chicken fried and smothered in gravy. Paula Dean where did you go?!

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