Dear Foodie: Epic Diet Fail

Dear Foodie,
I have been on a diet since I was a teenager and nothing seems to work. Recently, I decided to go on a Subway diet, having been inspired by Jarod, the young man who lost tons of weight by eating Subway’s low calorie subs for which they have become famous and profitable. What is happening though is that I go up the Subway counter and practically without knowing what is coming out of my mouth, I immediately order one of their footlong subs – containing about one zillion calories. I’ve put on 10 lbs. in one month. What is happening to me. I’m losing it – my mind but not my butt! -Big Butt/Little Mind in Virginia

Dear Big Butt/Little Mind,
Let Foodie put on her amateur psychologist hat. Just call me Dr. Foodie for a moment. Scientists have a theory about food choices where perception overrides your sense of reality. It is called the “halo” affect. No, I don’t mean you are an angel; quite the opposite in fact – to be downright unscientific sounding, when you approach that counter, the devil takes over and your ID (the technical term for the devil within us all that puts pleasure above all) suddenly asserts to your subconscious that you deserve that foot long sub because you were so GOOD to even think of eating the light calorie six incher. The devil (who is definitely north of 300 lbs.) says to our inner angelic Swedish thin model body shape self : “Why in the heck are you going to a restaurant if you are going to do the equivalent of carrots and berries. I drew the short straw with you as a partner if you are that stupid.” You immediately cave in of course since no one wants to be accused of being stupid – especially by their very own ID. What to do? Figure out how to win the war between you and ID. Dr. Foodie can explain but only you can win the war. So, choose between stupid or fat. Your choice.

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