Dear Foodie: Tomato Withdrawals

Dear Foodie, Here it is the dead of winter and I am missing my farmers markets and all the colorful and flavorful fruits and vegetables. I can’t afford to move to California. How can I get my hands on a great tomato?

Dear Foodie: Cow Meat or Meet the Cow

Dear Foodie, Confession time: I had a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder the other night and it tasted great. I vowed I would never have another burger unless I personally knew the farmer and practically knew the cow from which the burger came. Have I poisoned myself ? Are worms growing inside me? – Fallen from Grace in Indiana

Dear Foodie: Famer’s Market Phobia

Dear Foodie, I go to the Farmer’s Market regularly, but as of late I find I am overwhelmed by all the produce that I am encountering all at once. I have nightmares of smothering in bins of over ripe tomatoes, cantalopes and sweet corn. I am ready to finally give up and go to my […]

Dear Foodie: What is a Food Snob?

Dear Foodie, While visiting my favorite restaurant the other night, I politely asked where the hamburger meat came from. I received kind of snitty grin from my server with a reply that it came from “a cow.” With that came an inappropriate yuk yuk. I shot back immediately that it was entirely appropriate to know […]